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Encaustic (Encaustikos) - "To burn In"

The term encaustic derives its origins from as far back as the 5th century where it was used among Greek artists in portraits and panels of mythological paintings.

The Greeks, found that by adding pigments to beeswax melting over hot charcoal and the addition of natural resins  produced a very robust and manageable medium from which to adorn wooden panels, terracotta, marble and ivory.

Art work of this nature become the normality and brought colour and vibrancy to all sectors of life, including the adorning of portraits of the deceased. (These portraits were either painted in the prime of life or after death, and were placed over the mummy of the deceased as a permanent memorial.)

Today, the process of producing works of art using the encaustic process is somewhat simpler as the medium of wax can be purchased readily pre coloured and the use of modern day tools heated by electrical means with precision temperature control allows the artist to experiment and hone their respective skills.

Please take time to visit the gallery and view some of the pictures I have created so far. These can be purchased (unless already sold) by contacting encaustic-creations via the contacts page. Prices vary dependent on picture size.

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